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Rental Villa holidays have become more of a necessity than a luxury for people. Besides the sea, sand and sun, summer months become a visual feast in our country. Over time, the concept of vacation has also gained a different direction. You will experience your holiday in Fethiye, which has become a frequent destination for holiday lovers with its magnificent nature and sea, each point of which arouses admiration.
How Does?
Let’s examine together why you should choose Fethiye.

12 Islands Boat Tour

It is one of the activities recommended to be done when you turn your holiday route to Fethiye. You can discover the rare natural beauties within hours and add unforgettable memories to your saddlebag. On the 12 Islands Boat Tour, where you can swim in deep waters as you wish, you can also see popular places such as Yassıca Island, Kızıl Island and Rabbit Island that cannot be reached by land.


It is the holiday paradise of Fethiye with its clean air, unique nature and historical textures. There is no need to look for many reasons to come to Ölüdeniz, whose beauty of the beach has been registered by the world in 2006.

Pumpkin Cove

Kabak Bay, where you will be completely alone with nature, is located 8 kilometers from Fethiye. You can reach the vast sea, which comes after the red pine forests, from the village of Faralya, either on foot or with the shuttle minibuses that provide transportation in the village.

butterfly Valley

The Butterfly Valley, which is declared a protected area by Fethiye, offers a wonderful viewing pleasure with its unique view. After enjoying the sun and the sea during the day, don’t miss watching the sunset where the sea embraces the sun. It is possible to provide transportation by boat tours or minibuses departing from Fethiye.
butterfly Valley

Likya way

On the Lycian Way, where you will only witness the beauties of nature, you can embark on a long adventure with the fascinating blue sea of ​​the Mediterranean and the ruins of the Lycian Ancient City. The Lycian Way, which starts from Fethiye and extends to Antalya, has a route of 555 kilometers. In its wide route, it consists of tracks where you can go to historical places such as Letoon, Xanthos, Patara, as well as Butterfly Valley, Demre, Patara Beach, Tahtalı Mountain, the highest peak of Europe.

Saklikent Canyon

It is possible to reach Saklıkent Canyon, which is very easy to reach from Fethiye, by minibuses located at the bus station. This canyon, which is thought to be good for many diseases and has cold and flowing water, has a length of 16 kilometers. The sky cannot be seen due to the narrowness of some parts of the canyon, where there are rocks ranging in length from 200 to 600 meters. In the bay, which is a natural wonder, which is often preferred by adrenaline lovers; There is a zipline option for rafting tours and for those who want to enjoy the scenery in a different way.

Jeep Safari

One of the most fun activities that can be done in Fethiye is to participate in Jeep Safari tours. On your journey where the naive breeze of the wind will accompany you, you can see the ancient settlement of Tlos Ancient City, Yaka Park where you will meet with its fresh air and traditional tastes, and Saklıkent Canyon where you can enjoy its wonderful atmosphere.

Horse Tour and Equestrian Tour

You can tour the beauties of Fethiye at full speed by participating in the Horse Tour and Equestrian Tour, which will add excitement to your holiday and gain a very different experience.

King Amyntas Rock Tombs

It was made by carving the rocks in the region during the Hellenistic period. In order to reach the tombs close to Fethiye city center, you have to climb the stairs consisting of 100 steps. You can see inscriptions from the period on some of the columns of the King Amyntas Rock Tombs, which are the symbols of the Lycian period. After completing your visit to the tombs, be sure to enjoy the view before descending the stairs.


Kayaköy, which is 8 kilometers away from Fethiye town center, is an old abandoned Greek village. Kayaköy, one of the stops of the world-famous Lycian Way, was established on the slopes where the ruins of Karmylassos city from the Lycian period are located. Even though the people of Kayaköy had to leave their experiences on the stone walls, when you visit, you can see that it still preserves its old spirit.