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One of the most touristic regions of Turkey; Fethiye! Fethiye, the pearl of the summer months, is an eye-catching district where tourists flock. This town, which is the center of attention of local and foreign tourists with its beauty and unforgettable historical buildings, is also a famous holiday resort with its natural coves and islands resembling paradise. Visited by tens of thousands of tourists throughout the year, Fethiye is among the first addresses of those looking for a quiet and peaceful holiday. Fethiye, which is a frequent destination for swimming and nature lovers, is famous for its coves and cheerful islands. Here are the various bays and the most famous islands that those who want to have a holiday in Fethiye must see!


Oludeniz, which is the number one choice of those who want to rest and relax on holiday, is one of the unforgettable spots that bring together the green nature and the deep blue sea. Famous for the calmness and cleanliness of its sea, this bay is among the places frequented by tourists who want to spend a quiet holiday. Oludeniz, which is frequently visited by nature-loving campers and those who want to have a day picnic, is a holiday resort known as “Butterfly Valley” and famous for its region. It is perfect for those who want to experience the perfect combination of the historical spirit of Muğla city as well as the ambiance coming from nature. It is also one of the most popular paragliding spots in the country, preferred by adrenaline enthusiasts. While you are enjoying the scorching sun, you can watch the paragliders with pleasure and enjoy the beautiful weather.
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Kabak Bay, a cove connected to the Faralya Village in the south of Fethiye, has a magnificent view adorned with red pine forests. Since it is a cove that is frequently preferred by those who want to escape from the crowd and be in touch with nature on holiday, there are many camping and accommodation areas. Kabak Bay, which has increased its popularity especially in recent years, is frequently preferred by those who love to swim with its clean sea. At the same time, those who do not like the waves in the sea and families with children are flooded with visitors during the summer months. It is among the bays of Fethiye that should be visited by those who want to get away from the city life and cool off in the calm waters of the deep blue sea.

Patara Beach

Patara Beach, which is the number one address for animal lovers and those who want to spend an unforgettable holiday, is one of the most special bays of Fethiye. Patara, which is one of the points where loggerhead turtles meet the sea at certain times of the year, is carefully followed by animal and nature conservationists. Thanks to its golden sand and smooth sea, this bay, which is visited with peace of mind especially by families with children, is among the most popular regions of Fethiye. It is one of the holiday destinations that should not be missed by those who want to relax under the scorching sun and enjoy the calm sea.

Dodecanese Islands

Making Fethiye one of the most unique holiday destinations in Turkey, the Dodecanese Islands not only impress foreign tourists, but are also flooded by Muğla residents and local visitors throughout the year. The most common activity among these islands is yacht tour. Yacht tours, especially preferred by crowded groups, sail around the islands and blues all day long. While feeling the pleasant warmth of the sun on the one hand, you have the chance to see the pearl of Muğla, Dodecanese, on the other. These tours, which last from morning to evening, give you an unforgettable Fethiye holiday. Whether you are young or old, you can have the chance to see the best quality and cleanest waters of the Dodecanese Islands and the Mediterranean, and you can have the chance to cool off with the light breeze of Fethiye in the evenings.

Gemile Island

Gemile Island is one of the first choices of those who want to see historical buildings while on vacation! Gemile, a unique island with its Byzantine ruins, is an islet 9 km from Fethiye. It is fondly visited by archaeologists and history lovers in the spring and summer months. It is perfect for those who want to see and get information about old historical buildings with various tours. Before you go to Gemile Island, you can learn about the historical buildings on the island and get cultural information while enjoying the sun!