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Fethiye has been the apple of the eye of both regions as it is a holiday document located at the point where the Aegean and the Mediterranean meet. Fethiye, which is one of the most touristic districts of this region, stands out as a holiday resort that draws attention with its untouched bays, historical background, hundreds of years old places, clean air and extreme sports opportunities. Fethiye welcomes many guests every year.

When you come to Fethiye, you have the opportunity to participate in exciting sports activities such as paragliding, windsurfing, scuba diving, jeep safari, mountain hiking, rafting, canyoning. At the same time, Fethiye offers many options for water sports to its guests who come here for vacation.

Thanks to its location, Fethiye has a very delicious and wide cuisine. There are many restaurants here that enchant those who try them with dishes prepared with fresh seafood and herbs from the Mediterranean. You have the chance to try many flavors from both Turkish and World cuisine in Fethiye’s restaurants. Village breakfast options are also offered to customers here.

You can wonder about places to visit in Fethiye, one of the most preferred holiday resorts of Muğla. We have brought together the most preferred and popular places of Fethiye, which has made Fethiye a tourism center. In Kayaköy, which is still under restoration in Fethiye, there is the ancient city of Karmylassos, which was used by the Lycians. Kayaköy almost resembles a ghost town. You can reach the Butterfly Valley, which is one of the places that can be reached by ship in Fethiye, by using the boats departing from Ölüdeniz. With its magnificent butterflies in its name, Butterfly Valley is home to more than eighty butterfly species. The region has been preserved thanks to the canyon walls surrounding the valley. You should definitely see this place, which is frequented by athletes who love nature sports. Another place in Fethiye is Kabak Bay. Known for its steep slopes, Kabak Bay is 18 kilometers from Fethiye. This magnificent bay, where green and blue meet, offers the opportunity to spend a peaceful day with its calmness. Those who want to spend a peaceful and enjoyable day can choose this place. It will be possible to reach Dalyan King Tombs by using both sea and land routes. Dalyan King Tombs, one of the historical sites of Fethiye, stand out as an interesting place with their lighting. Twelve islands, one of the places you should come and see in Fethiye, attract everyone with their natural texture. You can provide transportation with boat tours, visit the islands, enjoy the sea and take great photos. You can visit the twelve islands with many boat tours. It is possible to reach Calis beach, which is 5 kilometers from Fethiye, both by sea and by land. Entertainment continues all day long at Calis beach. Calis Beach, which draws attention with its water sports, fascinates everyone with its view where you can watch the sunset. Another beauty of Fethiye is Ölüdeniz. Oludeniz, chosen as the most beautiful beach in the world, is one of the most beautiful touristic places of this region with its white sands, turquoise sea and green nature. The sea, which always manages to stay clean with its spring waters and tides, is a natural wonder. st. Nicholas Island, also known as Gemiler Island, fascinates everyone with its natural beauty. You should definitely see this place where living spaces were created by carving the rocks, which is about 9 kilometers away from Fethiye.
Boat tours are organized regularly to reach these beautiful places in Fethiye. You can explore these beautiful places by taking boat tours to visit Aquarium Bay, Yassica Islands, Dodecanese Islands, Butterfly Valley, Blue Cave, Cold Water Bay and beautiful islands and coves. You can also evaluate options such as Ölüdeniz, fishing and moonlight boat tour.