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When it comes to places to visit in Muğla, both historical texture and untouched bays come to mind. Muğla, which hosts the biggest and most important touristic places of Turkey, is a favorite of holidaymakers in this respect. Muğla, which is an ideal holiday center for everyone who wants to explore and discover new places and enjoy nature, welcomes thousands of tourists every season.

Mugla Places to Visit

Muğla is a province located partly in the Mediterranean but mostly in the Aegean region. What makes Muğla famous is that it hosts holiday resorts such as Ortaca, Dalaman, Köyceğiz, Fethiye, Marmaris, Milas, Datça and Bodrum. In addition, the province, where agriculture is the main source of livelihood, is famous for its vegetable dishes. In addition to all these features, Muğla is a city that has hosted many civilizations in terms of history. In this respect, it is a favorite of tourists not only with its natural beauties, but also with its ruins.

Historical Places to Visit in Muğla

Due to its seaside location, Muğla has hosted many civilizations and is surrounded by many ruins that attract the attention of UNESCO. One of these historical places is the ancient city of Knidos, which has the largest medical faculty of its time with its 2600-year history. It is located in the Knidos district of Datça. Visitors arriving by a bay and boat can anchor in this bay. It is known that Knidos, an ancient theater, had a capacity of 5,000 people. Knidos, which was recently restored and reopened, has a large parking lot for those arriving by car. This city, which was used as a theater hall and a medical school during the Roman and Byzantine periods, carries the traces of both civilizations, while the famous Aphrodite statue is located in Knidos.

Mugla Museums: Mugla Museum
Ruins in Muğla: Sedir Island, Lagina, Stratonikeia
Bodrum Museum: Bodrum Underwater Archeology Museum, Mausoleum Memorial Museum and Zeki Müren Art Museum
Bodrum Ruins: Bodrum Antique Theater
Milas Museums: Milas Museum, Iassos Fish Market Museum
Ruins in Milas: Gümüşkesen Monument, Iassos, Labranda, Beçin Castle, Herekleia, Euromos, Damlıboğaz
Fethiye Museums: Fethiye Museum
Fethiye Ruins: Gemile Island, Saklıkent, Letoon, Pınara, Tlos, Amintas, Kayaköy, Kaunos and Kadyanda

Tastes That Must Be Tasted in Muğla

Muğla cuisine generally consists of aromatic herbs. When angling fish is added to these flavors, Muğla cuisine turns into a gastronomic wonder. Here are the delicacies that you should not go to Muğla and return without eating:

Sudurme: A light but satisfying flavor, undürme is an appetizer-style dish made with radish, garlic and some real pomegranate syrup. Smear with plenty of onions is one of Muğla’s most popular delicacies.
Bodrum Mantısı: This dish, which can be found easily in Muğla and Bodrum, is made by frying directly without boiling, unlike traditional mantı. This ravioli, with its slightly large folds, is a local delicacy that can be found in almost every restaurant in Bodrum.
Rock Grove Salad: Rock Grove is a sour herb that tastes like grouse collected from the bottom of the rocks. This herb is the main ingredient of the popular blackberry salad flavored with garlic and vinegar and served as an appetizer. The grouse salad is especially served with fish.
Muğla Palace: This flavor, which is a dessert with syrup unique to Muğla, resembles baklava in appearance. It is possible to come across this dessert, which is usually made in ceremonies such as engagement and engagement, in almost all home-cooked restaurants in Muğla.
Stuffed Zucchini Blossom: Stuffed zucchini flowers, which is Muğla’s most famous dish, is the main ingredient when zucchini flowers are collected in the morning before the sun. It is filled with an infusion of zucchini flowers, rice, dill and olive oil. This flavor, served with yogurt on the side, is the most famous flavor of Muğla.
The Most Economical and Comfortable Accommodations in Muğla
Muğla is known as a region that attracts millions of tourists every year with its districts and the most known ruins. In this regard, places to stay in Muğla must be booked in advance. Also, many hotels keep their rooms busy to accommodate tourists who come in groups. You can even wait in line for breakfast in full hotels, and you can spend most of your holiday at the hotel. In this regard, you can consider the option of renting a villa, which is a new generation holiday model, instead of a hotel.

By renting a villa you can own a house, not just a room. You can choose the villa you want. You can spend your holiday with complete relaxation thanks to the villas overlooking the most beautiful bays or in the middle of nature. There are many more options with villa models, house models that host guests according to preference.