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You are tired of a long and tiring life and you have decided to have a nice holiday. You are determined to rent a cottage to experience a more original holiday instead of the hotels you have been to for many years, but if you are having trouble deciding between the options, we would like to guide our valued guest on this matter. article.

Determining Your Vacation Time

First of all, you will need to determine your holiday time, so that we can choose the holiday homes with the most suitable weather conditions in the region during this period, for example, if you are planning a holiday in April and your decision is final. We recommend you to rent a cottage in Fethiye, Fethiye center or Ölüdeniz. If you prefer Fethiye grape or Kemer districts, it will be difficult to use the pool as the weather will be cooler in the evenings.

Region where you want to spend your holiday

You can benefit from the information on our website when choosing a holiday destination. We know very well how difficult it is to choose in our country, which is full of beautiful holiday destinations. The main features that we think are important for you when choosing a region, the physical structure of the beaches in the region (Sand, Pebble, Depth, etc.), historical and cultural beauties to visit, Activities and Activities to Do. We recommend that you make good use of your transportation and shopping options in the region (Water sports, Parachute, Safari, etc.). If you wish, our authorized personnel will guide you in line with your priorities.

Summer Villas

Location of your Holiday Home

If you are looking for a calm environment, you should examine our summer options intertwined with nature. If you are in the city center and want to walk everywhere without using a car, you should prefer the summer houses in the city center. If the sea is important to you, you should prefer summer villas close to the sea, where you can throw your beach towel on your back and reach the sea on foot. The distances on our site are calculated on Google maps and the actual measurements are written. You can choose according to your priorities or get help from our authorized personnel.

Summer Villa Options and Features

In order for everything to be the way you want on your holiday, you need to set your priorities. For example, villas with children’s pools for families with babies, villas with sheltered pools for families with hijab, internet-connected villas for our guests who say they can’t go without internet on holiday, villas for families with pets. their loyal friends will give them an unforgettable holiday.

How and From Whom Can I Rent a Summer House?

For a trouble-free holiday, we recommend you to choose companies first, unfortunately, your risk of being defrauded is very high in rentals made from individuals, and if you encounter a problem, you may experience sad things because there is no complaint authority like companies.

The point you need to pay attention to in companies is that we see that villa rental sites, which have grown incredibly recently, unfortunately, many of them do not take responsibility and victimize their customers. Many websites pretend to be doing this for many years and offer a lot of ads on the website, but we want you to know that many ads are actually inactive. The most important issue when researching the company you are renting is the location of the company’s office, because it is very important to find a contact person when you encounter a problem. You should inquire about the company’s tax and chamber registry, You should research how long it has been operating in this sector, You should definitely look at the positive or negative comments about the company. If you find it necessary, we recommend that you call an official office (Municipal, Tax Office, etc.) where the company is located and get information.