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Although the “sea, sand, sun” trio that comes to mind first when it comes to vacation, the taste of vacationing in the winter months is also different. With the villas with indoor pool and heating system, you can experience the excitement of a holiday that does not fit the summer heat of all seasons. These villas, which are a winter holiday concept frequently preferred by families with children; It can be evaluated for short or long-term holiday plans. Services such as wireless internet, satellite broadcasting and fireplace in the interior decoration and infrastructure of the villa are important details that increase the quality of home comfort you will experience during your holiday.

If you wish, you can plan a relaxing holiday in the winter months in the villa options with jacuzzis. You can organize a winter holiday in the villas with city and nature views, built on high hills instead of sea level; During periods of heavy snowfall, you can enjoy playing snowballs with your loved ones in the garden of your rental villa.

Villas For Rent

Indoor Pool Villa Options

Villas with indoor pools are the favorite choice of those who cannot give up the pleasure of the pool even though it is winter. As an alternative to this type of villas, those with a hammam and sauna are also considered. Some of the villas with indoor pools have pool heating system. Thanks to this system, the temperature of the water is adjusted according to the temperature of the environment. Pools that can be entered in both summer and winter months; It prevents the problem of cold in winter. It provides a comfortable and enjoyable swimming experience. Villas with indoor pools are among the favorites of families with children during public holidays when schools are closed, especially during New Year’s Eve and semester holidays. Couples who want to take a weekend getaway or take a vacation on special days such as New Year’s Day or Valentine’s Day demand villa options with indoor pools during the winter months. Although the spring and summer months stand out as the wedding season, some couples prefer to get married in the winter months. In this case, they should prefer the concept of winter vacation on their honeymoon. Villa options with indoor pools, which allow newly married couples to have a romantic and enjoyable holiday together, are suitable for couples of almost all age groups. Villas with indoor pools with many rooms are a fun option for groups of friends and families. Those looking for a conservative holiday destination can choose to rent villas with indoor pool, hammam or jacuzzi in winter as well as in summer. Conservative rental villa options with sheltered outdoor pools and gardens are among the first choices of couples and families who value privacy. You can choose these villas, which you can rent for a few days or longer for holiday purposes, for your special celebrations such as birthdays, bachelorette parties, New Year’s Eve parties that coincide with the winter months.

Activities to Do During the Winter Holiday

If you think that skiing is the only activity you can do for the winter holiday, you are wrong. Whatever resort you go to, there are many different activities to enjoy the snowfall! “Well, what to do during winter break?” If you say so; First of all, you can put on your snow boots and start enjoying the snow by going for a walk. After a long snow walk, you can organize a small feast for yourself with local delicacies. If the weather is not snowy, just cold, you can take time for long nature walks. Even if you don’t ski in winter, you can experience adrenaline and fun-filled moments in the snow by skiing on the slopes with sledges. If you want to increase the adrenaline level a little more; You can have an exciting driving experience by renting a snowmobile. Moreover, there is no rule that it will snow at every moment of winter. Despite the cold weather, you can enjoy a barbecue in the garden of a luxury villa you go for a winter holiday. You can get rid of the stress of daily life by swimming in the indoor pool; You can relax by warming up in the fireplace, sauna or jacuzzi in the villa. Winter holiday villas with hammam; It offers a nostalgic and enjoyable bathroom environment. You can enjoy the atmosphere in such villas or, if you wish, you can go to a nearby SPA and massage center and get the care your body needs. In the evenings, you can warm up by the fireplace or barbecue with your loved ones, and collect fond memories; On the beaches where you can swim in the summer, you can light a fire in the winter and sing songs with your loved ones. If you want an extraordinary suggestion among winter holiday activities; You can try paragliding. You can record the unique landscapes you will see as you glide from the top of the snow-covered mountains as an unforgettable frame.

Advantages of Renting a Villa in the Winter Holiday

During the winter holidays, the weather conditions may turn out to be more difficult than you expect. Or the town you go to may not have the qualifications to meet your expectations for winter tourism. In such cases, renting a villa where you can enjoy the comfort of home instead of being stuck in a hotel room offers several advantages. The living room in the villa you will choose promises you a pleasant environment with its equipment features in the weather when you cannot spend time outside. A large-screen TV, a comfortable and modern sitting group, a useful kitchen where you can meet your basic needs, a decorative, romantic and powerful heat source, are some of the features that will add pleasure to your enjoyment in the living room of the villa you have reserved for the winter holiday. Even if you do nothing on snowy days, you can have the opportunity to relax by watching the snowfall from the floor-to-ceiling windows of your rental villa. Another advantage of renting a villa for the winter holiday is that you have a sheltered and private garden area. It can have an untouched snow garden, especially in snowy weather; In this garden, you can enjoy the snow like children, as well as have the opportunity to barbecue in the cold weather. For villa options suitable for winter holidays, you can look at villa alternatives in different regions of Turkey. You can find a variety of private rental villas for winter holidays in various districts and districts of Aydın, Muğla and Antalya, which are indispensable for summer tourism. You can come to these regions, which have a hot and arid climate, for holiday purposes from various provinces where winters are harsh; You can take a warm break in the Mediterranean during the cold and difficult winter days.